De-Hair | Laser Hair Removal
Who We Are?

We are a medically licensed aesthetic clinic who believes Laser Hair Removal and rejuvenation should be safe, effective and painless. Our highly professional and trained medical team of doctors and nurses are qualified in the field of aesthetics to deliver premium treatments to our clients. As safety and quality are of paramount importance, De-hair uses state of art technology from the US to provide world class treatments to our clients.

Whether you’re looking to get rid of those body hairs permanently, tighten the skin to remove those wrinkles or shape your body to fit into that new dress, we have advanced technology, delivered by trained professionals, to enhance your beauty and rejuvenate your skin – without any painful side effects.


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Member Benefits

DISKON 5% Untuk semua treatment pada transaksi pertama sebagai member.

DISKON 5% Untuk paket treatment pada transaksi-transaksi berikutnya.

DISKON 40% Untuk paket ketiga pada area yang sama.

DISKON 50% Untuk paket keempat pada area yang sama.

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