Imrul Qays Amran (Malaysia)

I have this skin condition every time I shave my facial hair I will start to have acne especially at my neck area. Not only that, my skin irritates so much,started to become flaky and reddish. Over time, due to a lot of shaving, I started to develop skin discoloration.I can see mild dark patches at my sideburns all the way down to my neck area.It kills my self confidence.

During my stay in Indonesia, I read a lot about hair removal treatments. So I came across IPL and I did about 5 treatments in a set course of interval.Well, IPL wasn't too kind to me in dealing with my problem.In 2015, I tried De Hair Laser Hair Removal treatment.I am so happy with the results I'm getting.

Aside from reasonable price, De Hair offers the best laser hair removal treatment in Jakarta in terms of their friendliness,staff experiences so on and so forth. And what's so good about De Hair u will get monthly price discount. Not only that,everytime you do your laser hair removal I assure you that you will started to see improvement before you come for your next appoinment. Thanks De Hair. 

Tara Basro

Sangat puas dengan hasilnya, hairless, and painless ditambah lagi dengan nurse nya yang sangat detail dan teliti.

Arif Sinaga

When I did this treatment for this first time, I realized that it was really comfortable, warm and pleasant especially knowing that experienced nurses are taking care of us. This made me want to come back and continue treatment.

Tedjo Veliani

I'm very happy with my treatment at De-hair, I tried the Venus Freeze which is RF treatment for abdomen area. Throughout the process of the treatment, I am made comfortable, i feel it’s very effective. The nurses and team are professional and it is great value for money.

Debbie P

"I absolutely love De-Hair Laser Hair Removal!! I have to admit I was a little anxious when I went there for the first time, but Lilian and her nurses assured me it is so painless I could even sleep through the whole procedure. Well, that wasn't so true, but it sure is painless. They were very patient and most importantly, GENTLE with me. Within a matter of a few minutes, the procedure was done, and in a couple of days, my unwanted hair slowly disappeared and now my skin is smooth and clean like a baby's. I don't have to worry about forgetting to shave again. Thanks De-Hair!" 

Roger Kwee

"I have tried this and I'm very satisfied. Hair is not coming back. its indeed very quick and painless. approx 2 weeks after treatment hair falls and its not coming back." 

Fransisca W

I am very satisfied with the results, the price is also reasonable. After just a few treatments results have been significant, my face is more radiant, my dark circles below my eyes are also gone. My skin feels tigher and smoother. I would really recommend this for others too.


In just 3 treatments on my face, I can already see much difference. My face feels tighter and I have already told my colleagues about it and they are intrigues after looking at the results on my face 

Jacob Maugeri

I've been hearing a lot about laser air removal in the years and I was kinda skeptic about it. But after trying it I had to reconsider it, the service at Dehair is great and efficient and I must admit that the laser treatment is way more efficient than the traditional waxing...plus the therapists are really cute and friendly.

Romina Hueller

Como toda mujer, el hecho de no tener que depilarnos continuamente nos lleva, muchas veces, a probar cosas dolorosas y poco efectivas. Luego de probar casi todos los metodos de depilacion estoy muy feliz de haber encontrado a De Hair aquí en Jakarta. El metodo realmente funciona y es absolutamente indoloro. Llevo 3 sesiones de depilacion en axilas y el resultado es excelente. Gracias De Hair por hacer mi vida mas facil!

Like every woman, the fact of not having to continually shave our hair lead us, many times, to try painful and ineffective methods.  After trying almost all hair removal methods, I am very pleased to have found De Hair here in Jakarta.  The method really works and is absolutely painless.  I've done underarms (3 sessions so far) and the result is excellent!. Thank you De Hair for making my life easier!

Lince Ng

De-hair memang ok! I find the service provided very satisfying. I found that they use a different technology from the other lasers around the city and its worth it because its painless and no more of those hairs makes me more confident. I can wear what I like without having to think twice.


De-Hair is the best!!! Seriously one of the best laser in Jakarta, its staff are wind and very gentle, excelent english & considerate to their clients needs. The Technology is awesome, painless & very, very effective!!! Out of all the places i have tried...

De-hair is definitly the winner!!!  I wish i knew about De-hair a long time ago.

Shareen R.

"De hair laser" hair removal treatment has been by far the best solution to the hairy problems I had to face for years. A real blessing in every way : From professional and friendly staff to the painless hair removal sessions- everything was a commendable experience.

The treatment has liberated me from tedious threading, waxing and plucking sessions. It worked perfectly well for my highly sensitive skin and left no pain, no scars , no ingrowths and no more worrying about unsightly hair.

My biggest fear of shaving and getting the green stubble shadow was eliminated after the very first session.  The cutting edge-medical technology, convenient and cost effective treatment at De-Hair Laser is certainly impressionable and I would highly recommend it as a pain free hair-removal solution.

Thank you and all the best always - I wish you had a branch in North Jakarta for the post touch up sessions