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Want to feel beautiful
and confident ?

Whether you’re looking to get rid of those body hairs permanently, tighten the skin to remove those wrinkles or
shape your body to fit into that new dress, we have advanced techniques, delivered by trained professionals, to enhance your beauty and rejuvenate your skin - without any painful side effects.

Get rid of your hair properly, permanently
-once and for all.

How often to you shave, pluck or wax unwanted hair? How often do you have to hurt yourself to remove unwanted hair?

 Have you heard of
Rejuvenation by Venus Freeze™

Rejuvenation by Venus Freeze™ is an FDA-approved, non-invasive
treatment for cellulite and skin tightening on the
face, neck and body.
Using radio frequency and magnetic pulses to stimulate the generation of new collagen and elastin fibres over a period of time.

Our Photofacial technology is a treatment breakthrough that can correct many skin conditions without down time, creating a clearer, more vibrant and youthful skin through a process called Photo-Rejuvenation. 

One to five sessions are recommended, depending on 
the severity of issue/s.